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The St. Francis Basketball Association strives to promote players who show sportsmanship, teamwork, strength, character, discipline, and dedication.


Picture schedule for Sunday, October 27th:

   ** Number signifies grade, 1st Letter signifies Boys or Girls, 2nd Letter signifies Blue or White team 

  • 4:40 6GW  (6th Grade Girls White Team)
  • 4:40 5BB  (5th Grade Boys Blue Team)
  • 4:50 6GB  (6th Grade Girls Blue Team)
  • 5:00 7GB  (7th Grade Girls Blue Team)
  • 5:10 8GB  (8th Grade Girls Blue Team)
  • 5:20 4GB  (4th Grade Girls Blue Team)
  • 5:30 5GB  (5th Grade Girls Blue Team)
  • 5:40 8BB  (8th Grade Boys Blue Team)
  • 5:50 7BW  (7th Grade Boys White Team)
  • 6:00 4BB  (4th Grade Boys Blue Team)
  • 6:10 4BW  (4th Grade Boys White Team)
  • 6:20 6BB  (6th Grade Boys Blue Team)
  • 6:30 7BB  (7th Grade Boys Blue Team)

Only Page 2 needs to be printed and can be black and white (color not needed)

The Lab Athletic

As you read through our current offerings below, please remember that you can always email us for any customized private or semi-private training options year-round. We offer skills training for basketball, baseball, softball, dryland hockey, and volleyball as well as Sports Performance Training  (SPT) customized for any age, any skill-level, and any sport! If you don't see what you want below, please don't hesitate to email us. Here are just some of our current spring programs and specials!

Open Basketball

All open basketball run from 7-8:30pm at the High School.

Here are the available dates & gyms:

9/30 Gyms 4 & 5

10/2 Gyms 4 & 5

10/7 Gyms 1-5

10/9 Gyms 1-5

10/21 Gyms 1-5

10/23 Gyms 1-5 (Cancelled due to other event)

10/28 Gyms 1-5

10/30 Gyms 1-5

11/4 Gyms 1-5

11/6 Gyms 1-5

We need supervisor at each open basketball or the event will be canceled.  They need to have a background check completed with ISD15.


St. Cloud Quarry Classic Hotel Information

St. Cloud Hotel information is available-  parents should not call the hotel but complete and send them the form.  They will not be taking reservations over the phone.

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Have a Question? Contact Us

Have a Question? Contact Us

Did you know that you can donate to SFBA?  We are a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.