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The St. Francis Basketball Association strives to promote players who show sportsmanship, teamwork, strength, character, discipline, and dedication.

Looking for Tournament Game Schedules?

Find Association websites and the look for the tournament  game schedules on their sites.

Typically, game schedules are posted 1-2 weeks prior to tournament.



Revised Team Tournament schedules have been posted.

Please be sure to follow the tournament rules of hosting associations.

Practices are going to look different this year. Parents are asked to drop your kid off no earlier than 5 minutes before the start of practice and be ready to pick your kid up immediately after practice. If you have practice at the middle school and it doesn't start right after school, the principal is allowing kids to stay after in the lunchroom as long as they social distance and are screwing around. Make sure you remind your child to be on their best behavior because we don't want to lose this. We are not allowed to linger around after practice, once practice is done, we have to exit right away.


Tournaments are going to differ at each one, watch for emails from SFBA or your coach with how things are going to work. We are still working on the details for our tournament, we will give out those details as we get closer.


The big question I'm sure most of you have is what happens if the district goes to distant learning. That has not been decided 100% yet, but if we get there, we will try to keep you up to date as best we can. 


We sent out an email stating that Nov 1 was going to be Tip-Off Night and pictures. We had to reschedule that to November 15, which is just going to be picture night. We will email out the picture order form and picture times next week.


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10,000 Shots- 2019

10000 shot winners

Congratulations to our 10,000 shot winners for this past season.  


First time recipient - 5th grader, Kohin Larsen who made 10,000 shots
Third time recipient - 7th grader, David Tupper who made 16,311 shots
Third time recipient - 8th grader, Caleb Schoenrock with 45,826  shots. 


Second time recipient - 5th grader, Emily Schoenrock who made 10,720 shots
Second time recipient  - 7th grader, Maren Larsen who made 10,050 shots 
Third time recipient  - 7th grader, Macy Hass who made 10,055  shots


Also the 10,000 shots made form is attached, have your child start right now.  If they start right now it's only about 50 shots a day, but if they wait till July that number goes way up, so make sure they start early and write them down.

Have a Question? Contact Us

Have a Question? Contact Us

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The Lab Athletic

As you read through our current offerings below, please remember that you can always email us for any customized private or semi-private training options year-round. We offer skills training for basketball, baseball, softball, dryland hockey, and volleyball as well as Sports Performance Training  (SPT) customized for any age, any skill-level, and any sport! If you don't see what you want below, please don't hesitate to email us. Here are just some of our current spring programs and specials!