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The St. Francis Basketball Association strives to promote players who show sportsmanship, teamwork, strength, character, discipline, and dedication.

ISD #15 Voters:

Last night the school board scheduled a meeting on Wednesday 2.16 to discuss specifics of what could be on a future bond.  This could go out as early as this May to be voted on by ISD #15 voters.  All things are decided by our elected school board and no action has yet been taken to schedule a bond, but I can tell you based on their public board meeting last night they are considering it.  I encourage you to please contact your board members individually to let them know your thoughts.  They really need to hear from people that would support new construction and are willing to help sell to our friend and neighbors the vision for our community.  

I am of the opinion of three simple things I believe have wide support and should be considered by the school board making this difficult and important decision.

1.  We need to start adding NEW buildings not updating ones beyond repair as a band-aid.
2.  A Community Activities Center is a need and we need to look at adding on immediately.
3.  We need to create our vision of what we will accept for our students and work to achieve it.  Accepting less is failing our student, losing an election is more palatable than not trying - but not trying to achieve our vision I believe is failing.   

I have written a statement entitled ISD #15 STATE OF OUR FACILITIES document I will be sending to all school board members before Wednesday.  If you live in ISD #15 and agree please add your name to the second page.

Even if you have a different vision but still are concerned with your facilities in this district, please contact your board members immediately.  They are meeting in two days to make decisions that will impact our community for years to come.  Please feel free to forward this message on to any ISD #15 voter and please consider attending the board meeting Wednesday 2.16 @ 6:00 pm at Crossroads, your presence will be noticed.  Very rarely is there a moment in time when simply your voice can be important to the choices facing your community, but please understand the urgency of now and make contacting your board a priority if you believe improving facilities ought to be a necessary priority.  

Board Member Emails:

Thanks for your consideration,
Ryan Hauge
Concerned tax payer and voter
Dad to 2 current EBCS students and 1 future SF Fighting Saint

Open Gym Dates

Open gym dates have been posted to the SFBA calendar.  

The gym will be open only during those dates and times listed.  The dates 2/26
Bring your own ball and scrimmage, practice your shooting and have fun from 6-7:30p.m.


Have a Question? Contact Us

Have a Question? Contact Us