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The St. Francis Basketball Association strives to promote players who show sportsmanship, teamwork, strength, character, discipline, and dedication.

In Memory of Scott Goltz

Scott Goltz

Most of you are already aware that former SFBA President Scott Goltz passed away unexpectedly on Monday, April 3rd.

Scott was one in a million and will be missed more than words can say.

Our thoughts & prayers are with the entire Goltz family during this extremely difficult time.

From Coach Hauge:
"Losing people has a way of making you reflect, and I think there is a lot of that going on in St Francis and elsewhere with the loss of Scott Goltz. It's made me think how does a man measure his life?  The more I think about it the more I come back to what kind of hole does your loss leave in the world?  Scott clearly was a special guy, he's the only Scott Goltz in history. But you are the only you in the history or future of the world!  I've told struggling kids, because Scott was important to lots of them, live your life in a manner that honors Scott, and that he would be proud of. Someday this world passes all of us by - Scott is leaving a big hole because he had an impact in lots of ways. That's tough because we will miss him, but Scottie LIVED every day, and along the way had a positive impact on tons of people. Personally Scottie helped me as a young Coach with a struggling program and cared about all kids. He loved his own and supported them unequivocally, but in hoops and golf he was supportive of the whole program, never back handed towards me and always genuine. Not many of us see the big picture that well because most of us are selfish. Scott was unique and special.
Monday is gonna be a hard day. Gonna miss Scotties hug and handshake. May we all strive to leave a hole in the world as big as Scottie has.  Thoughts and prayers to Lu, Tristan, Kyla and the rest of the family. Miss ya buddy. #SG44"


Parents and Players:

Please see the attached PDF regarding Midwest 3 on 3 competing in Cambridge this spring April 30, May 7, 14 and 21.  This is a good local basketball opportunity and it would be great to see some of our guys sign up.  

If you need more information refer to the flier or contact CONTACTUS@MIDWEST3ON3.COM 

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Have a Question? Contact Us